Integrated Time and Expense Solution

Complete Time and Expense solution in a single package - no separate costs or upgrades required. Manage Staff Time and Expense recording, approvals, reporting against project tasks.

Built for Professional Services Providers

Custom built for Professional Services Providers for project based timesheets to record and track staff hours at the Project Task level. Helps meet DCAA compliance requirements for Federal Government Contractors.

Cloud-based, Secure and Scalable

Built on Enterprise-grade Cloud infrastructure for high availability. Security-focused architecture with data isolation and enterprise-grade user authentication.


Time Sheets

Complete TimeSheet solution with bi-weekly time reporting against Project Tasks, Absence, and Administrative Charge Codes, with Audit Logs and Notifications.

Set primary and secondary Timesheet Managers for staff to review and Approve or Reject Timesheets.

Built-in processes to leverage the industry best practices for recording time against Project and Task specific Charge Codes. Closely monitor labor changes and save time in reporting.

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Expense Sheets

Create Expense Charge Codes for internal or Client billable project expenses, for appropriate expense association and reporting.

Simplify staff submission and approval of Expense Sheets through easy expense report creation, itemize expenses by categories and type, and attaching receipts.

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Built for Government Contractors

We understand the unique requirements of the US Federal Government Contractors to record and track the labor hours in accordance with the Federal Guidelines. Our solution helps you meet these requirements and helps achieve DCAA compliance.

For Small-Medium sized businesses

We understand the needs of growing businesses. We provide a easy to manage and use solution, that scales with your needs. You do not need to compromise on quality and features - we love those who think big, and we are here to provide you with the solution that can keep up with your big aspirations.

Built on Microsoft Cloud

StarSheets has been built for Cloud from the ground-up, and we leverage Microsoft's world-class Cloud services to provide a robust, scalable and secure solution.

Built-in Security

We have architected the solution with built-in security - this includes data isolation, secure data transfers, data hosting on US-based data centers only, and enterprise-grade user authentication among others.

Clean & Responsive Design

We have designed the solution with User Experience in mind with clean, responsive and modern design, that focuses on the content and works on various devices and screens.

Easy to Use

We strive to provide an easy and intuitive solution, that does not requires users to spend time "learning" the solution. But just in case there are any questions, we do provide page-specific help for the users.


User Authentication

Your choice of user authentication options:

  • Google Apps Authentication
  • Microsoft Account Authentication (Office 365 integration in progress)
  • Custom User Account Authentication

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