If you are Contractor for the US Federal Government, compliance with time keeping standards and guidelines could be a key requirement. If you are Professional Services Provider, even one who is currently not be doing business with the US Federal Government, adhering to industry best practices for time keeping can add additional maturity and credibility to your time keeping processes to ensure all employee hours are recorded and managed appropriately for internal and client billing purposes.

The Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA), an agency of the United States Department of Defense (DoD), provides guidelines for contractors to adhere to when doing business with DoD and for DCAA Audit. These guidelines have become the de facto best practices for government contractors, both in defense and civilian agencies. Your client civilian agency may also require you to adhere DCAA standards. These standards may be applicable even if you are a sub-contractor.

StarSheets has built-in features that support DCAA requirements for contractors. Following is a summary of how StarSheets supports these guidelines as noted in DCAA Manual No. 7641.90 - Information for Contractors.


  • Recording time on the timesheet
  • Recording time on a daily basis
  • Correct distribution of time by project number, contract number or name
  • Provide employees with Work (Charge) Authorizations
  • Track changes to Timesheet (Audit Trail)
  • Recording all hours worked, whether paid or not
  • Certifying the hours on the timesheet
  • Supervisor approval for all timesheets
  • Hours entry directly by employee

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