Built-in best practices
Track Hours and Expenses for Projects

Use built-in industry best practices for Professional Services providers, especially Federal Government contractors, to track and manage billable hours against projects and Tasks

Create Client or Internal Projects to track labor hours and associate expense reports

Provide project access to other staff for back-up management and reporting


Manage Project
Charge Codes and Charge Authorizations

Create multiple Period of Performances (PoP) to track and manage hours

Create multiple Project Tasks and associated Charge Codes for tracking

Add authorized Staff to project

Add staff rates with effective dates to automatically calculate costs

Create and issue Project Charge Authorizations to staff - helps comply with DCAA compliance requirements for Federal Government Contractors



View reports on the Project hours and expense reports

Easily export report data to Excel format

View Expense Reports associated with Project Charge Codes

View Hours by Period for Project

View hours charged by Charge Number

View cost report by period

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