Time Recording

Bi-weekly time reporting period suitable for Professional Services providers

User friendly design for easy addition of Project, Administrative and Absence Charge Code for time entry

Easily record hours against multiple Charge Codes

Ability to enter daily comments against the charge codes

Record Hours Change Reason for audit

View Charge Authorization - hours you are authorized by Project Manager



View Timesheet hours summary

Automatic calculations of period hours and time entered

Automatic calculations of project billable hours against staff's billable hours target

View available PTO balance


Reviews and Approvals

Easily view the timesheet and status of the staff - for primary and secondary approvals

Built-in workflow for timesheet Save, Submit, Approval/Rejection and unlocking for Corrections, with notifications

Automatic change recording for Audit

Supports DCAA compliance requirements


Manager Reports

View staff timesheets by Status for a period

View staff hours summary for a period

View staff Billability Exceptions - staff who have not met the billable hours target in a time period

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